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SGI Filter


With the SGI filter, you reduce pollution, clean your engine and reduce fuel consumption

New innovative technology SGI filter

The SGI filteran innovative solution

Is a device that can be retrofitted into all vehicles and aggregates with gasoline and diesel engines as well as into oil heating systems.

SGI filter intervenes before combustion and improves it.

This innovative solution thus overcomes the current state of technology.

SGI filter: win-win technology

Makes the combustion process:

more environmentally friendly

more powerful

more efficient

Soot particles burn almost completely

Mobility and environmental protection

SGI filter significantly reduces pollution and improves exhaust gase

Reduction of CO2 emissions by approx. 10%

Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 10%

Reduction of hydrocarbons by approx. 30%

Reduction of fine dust and soot particles by 80% and more

Reduction of carbon monoxide (CO) up to 97.7%-20%

We work together with our authorized contract distributors and service providers worldwide Areas of application of SGI filters

Significantly reduces the soot on the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve)

Additional advantages of the SGI filter:

Average fuel consumption reduction by approx. 10-20%, both for gasoline and diesel engines.

Protection of the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) from premature contamination.

Increase torque and engine power.

Simple, fast and uncomplicated installation.

No TÜV acceptance and registration in vehicle documents is required.

Extending the life of the engine and exhaust system.

Totally maintenance free when properly installed.

Very long service life of SGI filter 250,000km-300,000km.

Flexible use.

High economic efficiency.

"Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

  Victor Hugo

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